Population of Burma

Pop. of Burma (56.6million)



Neat Ratios ...

Pop. of Burma (56.6million)

  • is 1/25 of Pop. of China (1.394billion)...more
  • is 2/5 of Pop. of Russia (141.7million)...more
  • is about as big as Pop. of South Africa (56.5million)...more
  • is 2 x Pop. of Venezuela (28.64million)...more
  • is 2 x Pop. of Cameroon (27.75million)...more
  • is 2.5 x Pop. of Sri Lanka (22.89million)...more
  • is 2.5 x Pop. of Niger (22.77million)...more
  • is 4 x Pop. of Istanbul, Turkey (14.16 million people)...more
  • is 5 x Estimated population of Red Kangaroo (2011) (11.5 million individuals)...more
  • is 10 x Pop. of Santiago, Chile (5.74 million people)...more
  • is 10 x Pop. of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (5.68 million people)...more
  • is 10 x Pop. of Finland (5.57million)...more
  • is 10 x Pop. of Ahmedabad, India (5.57 million people)...more
  • is 20 x Pop. of Jamaica (2.809million)...more
  • is 25 x Pop. of Gabon (2.231million)...more
  • is 40 x Number of active personnel in the US Armed Forces (1.388million )...more
  • is 100 x Number of words in Tolstoy`s War and Peace (564,000 )...more
  • is 500 x Estimated world population of Dall Sheep (115,000 individuals)...more
  • is 500 x Number of seats in the Rungrado 1st of May Stadium (North Korean football stadium) (114,000 )...more
  • is 500 x Pop. of Grenada (113,100)...more
  • is 500 x Pop. of Kiribati (111,800)...more

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