Length of Yellow River (Huang He) in China

Length of Yellow River (Huang He) in China (5,460 km)



Neat Ratios ...

Length of Yellow River (Huang He) in China (5,460 km)

  • is 1/250 of Diameter of the Sun (1.391 million km)...more
  • is 1/2 of Length of the Trans-Siberian Highway from St Petersburg to Vladivostok (11,000 km)...more
  • is 1/2 of Circumference of Earth's Moon (10,920 km)...more
  • is about as big as Length of the Siberian Yenisei River (5,540 km)...more
  • is 4 x Road distance from Land's End to John o' Groats (1,350 km)...more
  • is 250 x Length of Manhattan Island (21.6 km)...more

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