Mass of a Rhino

Mass of a Rhino (2,300 kg)



Neat Ratios ...

Mass of a Rhino (2,300 kg)

  • is 1/250 of Mass of an Airbus A380 airliner (max takeoff weight) (575,000 kg)...more
  • is 1/20 of Mass of Gulfstream G650 business jet (45,400 kg)...more
  • is 4 x Mass of a mature thoroughbred racehorse (570 kg)...more
  • is 25 x Mass of lightest allowable Heavyweight boxer (90.8 kg)...more
  • is 100 x Mass of a packed suitcase (maximum checked-in British Airways) (23 kg)...more
  • is 200 x Mass of an emergency spare tyre for a small car (11.7 kg)...more

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