Diameter of the (fictional) Death Star in the first Star Wars movie

Diameter of the (fictional) Death Star in the first Star Wars movie (120 km)



Neat Ratios ...

Diameter of the (fictional) Death Star in the first Star Wars movie (120 km)

  • is 1/100 of Diameter of Venus (12,010 km)...more
  • is 1/40 of Diameter of Mercury (4,880 km)...more
  • is 1/40 of Length of I-90 highway from Boston to Seattle (4,860 km)...more
  • is 1/25 of Length of the Rio Grande (USA, Mexico) (3,057 km)...more
  • is 1/25 of Circumference of the dwarf planet Ceres (2,992 km)...more
  • is 1/20 of Diameter of Pluto (2,377 km)...more
  • is 1/10 of Length of mainland Italy (1,185 km)...more
  • is 1/5 of Length of the St Lawrence Seaway Canal system (600 km)...more
  • is 4 x Highest ascent by a propellor-driven aircraft (2001) (29.52 km)...more
  • is 20 x Height of Mount Kilimanjaro (5.89 km)...more
  • is 25 x Highest altitude reached by a single kite (4.88 km)...more
  • is 50 x Length of the Epsom Derby horse race (2.4 km)...more
  • is 250 x World record longest flight of an arrow from a bow (2010) (484 m)...more
  • is 250 x Longest golf drive (471 m)...more
  • is 500 x Length of Tower Bridge over the Thames (244 m)...more
  • is 2000 x Length of an ice-hockey rink (61 m)...more
  • is 2500 x Height of St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow (47.5 m)...more
  • is 4000 x Length of a blue whale (30 m)...more
  • is 4000 x Height of the `Christ the Redeemer` statue in Rio de Janeiro (30 m)...more
  • is 5000 x Height of a typical Hot Air Balloon (24 m)...more
  • is 5000 x Length of a tennis court (23.77 m)...more

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